ISP Technical

When your customers need assistance, they expect their problem to be resolved quickly, accurately and on the first contact. Whether you’re a national backbone provider or local service provider, InSite supports your end-users 24/7/365 or after-hours-only, to fit your need.

If you already have more than three technicians providing Internet support for your customers, you’re likely to find that it is cost effective to contract these services through InSite.

Supported Internet Applications

InSite has developed and continually updates its proprietary Web-based help desk applications to maximize efficiency and performance in service delivery. Our support services consist of various levels of technical support and basic customer service, including new customer sign-ups, information referrals, and relay of client applications messages.

Support for all major devices (PC, Mac,Smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s); major operating systems (Win XP, Vista, 7, 8,10, OS X, iOS, Android,); and most popular Internet software (major browsers, email programs, utilities, and some web development tools).


  •        Customized technical support for all your services;
  •         Wireless
  •         Fiber to the home
  •         DSL
  •         Cable
  •         IPTV
  •         Dial up
  •         Phone
  •         VoiP
  •         In-home networking
  •         Installer support

Outage notification calls & escalations for both electric utilities & telephone companies

24/7 monitoring of equipment (Circuits,Routers,Servers,AP and towers)

PCI and CPNI complaint to process all your payment and new customer sign ups.

Pricing per minute or a monthly flat rate per subscriber. Let us customize a support and pricing package that fits your needs.

Tiered support structure to assure customer resolution and eliminate nonessential truck rolls.

  • If unresolved at 1st level, then transferred to an in-house 2nd level tech.
  • 2nd level techs are chosen based on experience, training classes and test scores.
    • 2nd level techs are extremely familiar with each client’s protocol & advanced troubleshooting techniques for all supported products & software.