As a full service Business Processes Outsource Provider, InSite enables its clients to take advantage of our technology and expertise to provide their customers with professional customer care at all levels of interaction with their company all at a lower cost than doing it themselves.

Since 1999, InSite has supported numerous service and marketing campaign types, ranging from technical support for internet service providers to claims support for insurance companies as well as quoting and policy binding for agencies.

We work closely with each client to tailor the support we provide their customers so that not only is it completely transparent, but so it enhances the overall value of their products and services.

What we offer…

  • Highly trained supervisors, leads & techs
  • Custom branded greetings
  • Extensive knowledge-base and best practices
  • Escalation procedures developed to your specs.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Department
  • Detailed management reports & call records that help you better manage your business.
  • Two fully redundant call centers to provide additional assurance that your calls will get answered.
  • Bilingual agents

InSite Support Services, Inc provides quality assurance and monitoring designed to achieve proper balance between effective tech support and superior customer service.

  • All supervisors are required to perform regular & documented monitoring.
  • We offer clients remote monitoring capability.
  • All calls are recorded and catalogued.

For more detailed information about our support, we encourage you to visit one of our example services below: